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Welcome to Moscow Theatre Server! This is the only one place in Internet, dedicated completely to the Moscow theatre life. The server is mostly in Russian language, but some parts of it are bilingual. This page will help you to find some English-oriented pages. If you have any ideas or notes, write us

Photo In our "Photo" part several exsibitions were opened.

Golden Mask Short info on the annual Golden Mask Performing Arts Festival.

NET festival You can find some matherials on New European Theatre Festival, took place in Moscow on November, 1998.

Official pages of Moscow theatres in English:

Moscow Art Theatre named after A.Chekhov

The Moscow Art Theatre was founded by the outstanding figures of Russian and world culture K. S. Stanislavsky and V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko. The inauguration took place October 14(26) 1898. The main body of the company consisted of the students of the Musical Drama School at the Moscow Philharmonic Society where V.I.Nemirovich-Danchenko taught acting classes as well as of the participants of amateur performances of the Art and Literature Society headed by K. S. Stanislavsky...

Moscow Theatre of Young Spectators (Moskovsky Theater Yunogo Zritelya)

The Moscow Theatre of Young Spectators, one of the oldest Moscow theatres began its history in 1918. Everything has been changed in a moment, the May day of 1987, while the premiere of "The Dog's Heart" by M. Bulgakov was held - the performance, directed by Genrietta Yanovskaya , the new artistic director of the theatre. It has become the Manifest of the theatre, the flash of light in the new period of our History...

"Piotr Fomenko Workshop" Theatre

One of the younges however most popular Moscow theatres, created with the group of former students of Russian Academy of Theatre Art directing department. Its actors are almost 9 years together and achieved world-wide acknolegement...

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