Russian encodings:

Oleg Tabakov's Theatre and the Meyerhold Arts Centre
Moscow, Russia

And Van Gogh too...

Case history

Original idea and direction by Valery Fokin
Script adaptation by Valery Fokin and Alexander Bakshi
Music by Alexander Bakshi
Designed by Alexander Borovsky
Choreography by Nikolai Androsov
Dialogues by Ivan Saveliev


Evgeny Mironov, Evdokia Germanova, Andrei Smoliakov, Kamii Kayol, Pavel Kondratiev, Sergei Ugriumov, Anastasia Zavorotniuk, Dmitry Serov, Alexander Kolobov, Vyacheslav Veprentsev, Igor Tiurin, Daria Buzovkina, Elena Demyanenko, Oksana Mironova, Irina Sukhonina, Anatoly Irzhavsky

Vasily Ponomarev (clarinet), Oleg Vedernikov (cello), Lion Khodzha-Einatian (percussions)

Valery Fokin after graduating from the Shchukin Drama School in Moscow, worked for fifteen years with the Sovremennik Company, arousing great interest of the audiences and critics alike with each new production of Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Vampilov, Rozov, Albee and other classics of Russian and world drama. In 1985 Fokin became Artistic Director of the Yermolova Theatre in Moscow. At his first meeting with the company Fokin spelled out his creative manifesto as the theatre of acute social sensitivity. The earliest productions of Moscow's youngest artistic director advanced the Yermolova company into the forefront of the capital's theatrical scene. Critics were unanimous in assessing Fokin's production of "Speak Out..." as marking dramatic shift in prevailing theatrical sensibilities.

In his stagings Valery Fokin raises the most sensitive, "painful" issues that have remained strict taboos for many years. Fokin's productions of both classical and modern drama stand out for brilliancy of scenic metaphor, exuberant theatricality, profundity of vision, elaborate psychological characterization. Fokin directed plays in the US, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Japan. At the moment Valery Fokin is artistic director and general manager of the Meyerhold Arts Centre in Moscow.

Taganka Theatre
3, 4 April
Zemlyanoy Val, 76/21

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