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International Confederation of Theatre Unions
Moscow, Russia

Ave Maria

musical mystery

Directed by Vahe Shakhverdyan
Sets designed by Eugeni Sofronov
Choreography by Norair Megrabyan
Costumes designed by Merry Sarkisyan
Vocal by Irina Musaelyan

Musical Score, Arrangement and Performance by Alexander Lavrov

Music by Albioni, Durante, Pergolesi, Bach, Caccini, Schubert, Gordidjiani, Sviridov, Von Vlottov, Gluck, Aznavour, Al. Lavrov

Choreographic Group of the Sundukyan National Theatre (Yerevan)

Project Director Valery Shadrin

In the beginning there was not the word. In the beginning there was music.

The beautiful music by great composers of the past, created in glorification of the Eternal Protectress of man, the Virgin Mary.

The vocal cycle, created by the singer Irina Musaelyan and composer Alexander Lavrov, gives meaning and shape to the stage a”tion. For this kind of performance orderly logical layout of scenes seems quite irrelevant.

The production blends together song and dance.

They do not interfere with each other, but at certain moments interlace beautifully, following the pace of the performance which does not need to express itself through words.

The changing scenes and images are focused on the motif of the Woman's sacred magnitude, the mysterious force, personified by Virgin Mary, the force which through the ages has helped the Woman bear the unbearable and provide support, light and hope for all human beings.

Vahe Shakhverdyan

Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya
31 March, 1, 2 April
M.Bronnaya St., 4

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