Russian encodings:

Russian Army Theatre
Moscow, Russia

"At the Bottom"


Directed by Boris Morozov

Sets designed by Joseph Sumbatashvili

Costumes designed by Tatiana Spasolomskaya

Music by Grigory Gobernik


N.Pastukhov, M. Yeremeev (Kostylev)
E.Glushenko (Vasilisa Karpovna)
L.Tatarova, K. Talyzina (Natasha)
B.Plotnikov, A.Kamensky (Baron)
D.Nazarov (Satin)
V. Razbegayev (Vaska Pepel)
A.Kireeva, I.Kursevich (Nastya)
A.Mikhailushkin (Actor)
G.Krynkin (Luka)
Other parts are played by members of the cast

Boris Morozov, A.Popov's pupil, began his creative career in the Russian Army Theatre. Later, in 1977 he worked with the Stanislavsky Theatre company and staged Rostand's Syrano de Bergerac, Shoo, the Bony One, Shoo! by Shaltyanis, and Look, Who Is Here! by Arro, each of which was an event in Moscow's theatrical life. Then followed several years at the Mayakovsky Theatre and at the Pushkin Theatre (1988-1995). In 1995 Morozov moved to the Maly Theatre, Moscow's oldest theatre, where he staged Chekhov's Wood-Goblin and I Will Recompense... by S.Kuznetsov, The Warm Heart by Ostrovsky, The Wicked Mother, or the Second Tartuffe by Beaumarchais, The Winners' Banquet by Solzhenitsyn. In the season of 1995-96, Morozov returned to the Russian Army Theatre and became its Artistic Director. The premiere of his new production at this theatre, Gorky's At the Bottom, will be presented during the Festival.

Russian Army Theatre, Moscow, Russia
Among Moscow's many theatres this theatre is in some ways unique. This description applies to its building, designed, in the fashion of the Soviet 1930s, as a five-pointed star in plan, to its stage, which the largest drama stage in Europe, and even to its title.

It was purpose-founded in 1929 for the propaganda of the Red Army successes. When Alexei Popov, outstanding director and drama teacher, had become Artistic Director of the company, the Army Theatre soon grew into one of the most popular theatres in Moscow. A number of its production were first plays by young playwrights and writers who eventually became very well-known and widely recognised. Among them were A. Volodin, A.Galin, V.Voinovich, I.Drutse... The Army Theatre launched the career of such famous directors as B.Lvov-Anokhin, A.Shatrin, L.Heifez... Its cast includes many popular actors: V.Zeldin, L.Kasatkina, N.Sazonova, N.Pastukhov, B.Plotnikov, L.Chursina and others.

Central Army Theatre
22, 23 April
Suvorov Square, 2

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