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American Repertory Theatre
Cambridge, USA

When the World Was Green

A Chef's Fable by Joseph Chaikin & Sam Shepard

Directed by Joseph Chaikin
Sets designed by Christine Jones
Costume designed by Mary Brecht
Lighting designed by John Ambrosone
Music compositions by Woody Regan


Alvin Epstein (Old Man)
Amie Quigley (Interviewer)
Woody Regan (Pianist)

In this two-person, one-act play Chaikin and Shephard explore murder, its motivations and the nature of evil and love. In 1985 Chaikin suffered a stroke which left him with aphasia - virtually unable to communicate his troughts. It took ten years before he recovered sufficienfly to be able to direct, and he still must struggle to communicate his every idea. But the result is a beautiful, light-filled work, one of the more heartening of his plays.

Cape Cod, "Times"

"When The World Was Green" is quite different from the earlier sets. It features two characters and a much more conventional linear dramatic structure. It's difficult to imagine a better production of the play.

Bay Windows

Moscow Chekhov Art Theatre, New Stage
28, 29 March
Kamergersky Lane, 3

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